Another beer blog?

We know what you’re probably thinking – “Does the world really need another beer blog?” Our hopeful answer is “Yes!”. This blog is different because we will be talking about our experiences as a couple and although we both have the same goal for this blog, our viewpoints are very different. Kendall not only loves beer, he’s a homebrewer so he has an interesting perspective on the process from raw ingredients to finished product. I’m a fairly new convert to the amazing world of craft beer and I’m looking forward to expanding my knowledge and sharing that with you.

Our focus for this blog is to help the growth and adoption of craft beer by all, with an emphasis on promoting it ladies like me, who didn’t realize she liked beer for a long time.

Do we really need this?

One of the things that I’ve learned along the way is that there is no such thing as “girl beer”. You don’t need a pretty pink label on your beer. Now, don’t get me wrong – I’m a girly-girl and I love pink sparkly stuff, but beer is for everyone. Don’t assume (or let your significant other assume) that you won’t like a particular kind of beer. Try lots of different kinds. If you decide you only like wheat beers or pale ales – great! But don’t limit yourself to what advertisers or anyone else thinks girls should drink.

5 thoughts on “Another beer blog?

  1. Great post, June! I don’t know what you were nervous about, you’re a good writer. This blog with you is going to be a lot of fun.

  2. Priscilla, I know you don’t like hops. How about tart or sweet? There are some amazing sour beers out right now that have an interesting flavor.

  3. I’m the girl that drags my other girl friends to Flying Saucer and force them to try new beers. They’re always shocked when they find out that it comes in so many different variations. Most women get stuck on the “I don’t like beer” because they tasted a Budweiser and Miller Lite and it doesn’t taste good to them. I’m glad that there are other women out there who are in love with craft brews. Thank you for starting this blog! Look forward to reading more from y’all!

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