Girls’ Pint Out coming to Nashville!

Some people are born leaders. Me? Not even close. As much as it makes my heart beat a little faster just thinking about standing up and talking in front of a group, I’m starting the Nashville chapter of Girls’ Pint Out. I discovered the Girls’ Pint Out website earlier this year and was intrigued by the concept of a national craft beer organization for women. Then Kendall met one of the organization’s founders in July at the Beer Blogger’s Conference in Indianapolis and got me connected with her. Once I got over being freaked out at the prospect of kicking off something like this, I started to get excited about getting together a group of women who love good beer and want to socialize and become more involved in the growing craft beer scene here in Nashville.

Our kickoff event is this Wednesday at 6:30 at Fat Bottom Brews in East Nashville. If you’re in the area I’d love for you to join me! Click here to go to the event page.  This gathering will be a meet and greet for those interested in becoming a part of Girls’ Pint Out. We’re hoping to do monthly events such as brewery tours, tastings, beer fests, etc. as well as connecting online through the Facebook page and through Twitter. There are no requirements for membership besides a desire to meet new friends and drink good beer! Fyi, if you want to know more about Girls’ Pint out, check out their main site.

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