Congrats on GABF medals, Tennessee brewers!

Yesterday the Great America Beer Festival competition winners were announced. Nashvillians, you’ll be happy to know that two of you your local brewers are bringing home medals. It should be no surprise that Boscos and Yazoo proudly represented our fair state and city since they’re both previous GABF medalists.

Boscos earned the silver for it’s Isle of Skye Scottish Ale in the Scottish-Style Ale category. Never had it, but hope I can taste it soon. Boscos has always done well at the GABF competition, check out their wins on their site.

Yazoo won a bronze medal for their Hefeweizen in the South German-Style Hefeweizen category. I love this beer. A well deserved medal (but I think it deserves a gold!) Actually, Yazoo’s Hefe is a GABF gold medalist too, taking that prize at GABF 2004. Check out Linus’ blog post about the win on the Yazoo blog.

If you’re curious about the others winners, take a look at the GABF site.

Congratulations, Boscos and Yazoo!