Save the date, Sweetwater fans.

I got an email from Sweetwater recently with their Fishing Season and Events Calendars for 2013 and wanted to make sure y’all know about the good times. By the way, if your’re not subscribed to their mailing list, go here.

SweetwaterThe Fishing Season calendar show when all the tasty Sweetwater beers are available during the year. You can’t go wrong with any of the year-round beers of 420, IPA, Blue, Georgia Brown or Exodus Porter. I’m pumped that Exodus is on the year-round calendar, it was a seasonal beer in the past.

Throughout the year Sweetwater puts out some fine seasonal beers in their Catch & Release series. Mark you calendars and make sure you get some Happy Ending (it’s out now), Road Trip in the Spring, Waterkeeper Hefe in the Summer, Motor Boat in the fall and have a joyous holiday season with Festivale.

Next up are the Dank Tank beers, which are described as ” A series of rarely released beers from the dark side of our brewers souls.” These fly off the shelves fast, so catch them when you can.

Sweetwater2If you’re planning a trip to the ATL in 2013, check out Sweetwater’s events calendar and maybe try to make it to one of their special events. We’re trying to figure out if we can make it down to the 16th Birthday Party in February. There’s also the 420 fest, on April 20th, naturally. I think we’re going to be at a beer fest in Chattanooga that day, but if not, we’re going to Atlanta. You can see all the details on the Sweetwater blog.

(By the way, Sweetwater, if you’re reading this please send some Exodus Porter to Nashville. Curtis is getting pretty tired of me asking for it every time I see him.)