News from Straight to Ale of Birmingham, AL

sta_logoWe’re trying to keep you informed about the cool things southern brewers are doing with this blog. Here’s some news for February and March from Rich Partain, Sales Manager at Straight To Ale Brewing.

“Hey, everyone! Rich here from Straight To Ale. I have some updates for you concerning upcoming events, beer releases and the like. It’s February, and that means a number of things … Valentine’s Day and, well, for us, new beer releases: our slightly delayed release of Hellfire Belgian Quadrupel and our re-release of Vern’s Wheat Wine Ale!

Both beers are part of our Right To Brew series, in which we partner with local homebrewers to upscale their recipes and bring some attention to the fact that homebrewing is STILL illegal in Alabama. (Many of us in the craft beer world are hoping that this year’s legislative session will change that.) Hellfire Belgian Quad is a big, rich, strong dark ale in the Abbey tradition. Malt-forward with lots of dark fruit notes and a candy-like nose, it weighs in at a hefty 10% ABV. Look for that to drop in 22 oz. bombers and draft formats on or around Feb. 15!

Right on its heels, we’ll have our second release of Vern’s Wheat Wine Ale. If you haven’t had it yet and are unfamiliar with the style, Vern’s is a wheat wine, basically a barleywine made with a high percentage of wheat. It’s potent and sweet with lots of earthy spiciness and a smooth, soft mouthfeel. A fantastic beer, and an awfully big one at 11% ABV!

March, as I have mentioned in past emails, is going to be a great month for STA and local craft beer lovers. To begin with, one of the big beer holidays will be upon us on March 17 … St. Patrick’s Day! And that means the return of our Rocket City Red! A traditional Irish Red ale, it is reddish amber in color and lightly sweet with a touch of toasted malt. A mildly dry finish rounds out the experience. We plan on releasing it to our distributors the week prior to St. Pat’s so that all of you can get your hands on some of it to serve on the big night. I believe Lily Flagg Milk Stout will also be featured prominently for St. Pat’s as a LOCAL alternative to Guinness. And if your establishment ISN’T planning on celebrating the day, you are welcome to come join us at our big pre-release party at the brewery on Saturday , March 16!

Also, Nashville Craft Beer Week will be coming in March and Straight To Ale is planning on spending a whole lot of time in your area, spreading the love. We have six events planned in Nashville so far, but I will wait until we nail down one or two more before hitting you with the full schedule.

And, as we are attempting to release one special, high-gravity bomber per month, we will also have a VERY BIG release of a VERY BIG beer in March. One of our most anticipated and highly regarded beers that we haven’t done in a while. More info on THAT as the release date approaches!

Also, March should see the return of our spring/summer seasonals Stop Work 689 Kolsch and He Ain’t Heffe. Stop Work Kolsch is a traditional German kolsch that is very light and refreshing without sacrificing flavor. It weighs in at 5.1% ABV and is gold in color. Lightly sweet with just a touch of hop crispness on the end, it is a great beer for summer or any other time of year. He Ain’t Heffe is a traditional German hefeweizen (unfiltered wheat), with a big nose full of banana and clove and a light fruity flavor with little hop presence. It is 5.0% ABV.

Although the season is drawing to a close and the bell is tolling for Wernher Von Brown for another year, we still have a few kegs of it in stock, so grab it while you still can! Wernher is a highly drinkable, 5% ABV English-style Brown Ale with some great toasted bread notes. Likewise, this is your last chance of the year to purchase Monte Sano Maibock! Our traditional German golden bock is 7% ABV and packed with flavor. It goes well with just about any cuisine, and its lighter color and subtle, rounded flavors make it a perfect gateway beer for those of your customers who are just dipping their toes into the craft beer world. And if you or your customers are into black IPAs, our Black Friday is still available for a limited time as well!

And we still have plenty of BOMBERS ripe for the taking! Our Liberation English Barleywine, Laika Russian Imperial Stout, and Intimidator Doppelbock are all available in 22 oz. bottles, and there just might be a few cases of our Unobtanium back in stock as well, so grab a few cases of those while you can. As always, we have plenty of Monkeynaut IPA and Lily Flagg Milk Stout cans!

Event-wise in March, we will be hosting the fourth Folk Mission concert with Robby Hecht, which should be a wonderful night of entertainment.

So, readers, that’s what we have going on in the next few weeks! Check with your BountyBev/BonusBev rep for the most up to date inventory, prices and to place an order. Let me know if you have ANY questions at all concerning the beers (descriptions, flavor profile, pairing suggestions, etc.) or the brewery or to schedule a server education session or trip to the taproom! OR to schedule a beer dinner (Which several of you have done since I started sending these emails, so … AWESOME.) or other event at your establishment! Don’t forget to like us on our Facebook page for our food truck schedule (and check out No Brakes Bistro & Food Fighters Bustaurant), events and upcoming release info. Thanks!”

Great news, Rich! We’re really looking forward to all the good stuff during Nashville’s Craft Beer Week. Cheers.