An update from the TN Fix the Beer Tax campaign.

Hey Tennessee beer lovers, it’s time to get involved. Please call your House Rep & State Senator and let them know how you feel about the beer tax issue. FYI… here’s the latest news from the TN Craft Brewers Guild & Malt Beverage Association.

Beer lovers, distributors, wholesalers, brewers and tax reform enthusiasts:

Thank you for your support of the Fix the Beer Tax Campaign over the past few weeks. We appreciate you taking the time to contact your legislators and/or attend a campaign rally.

Your efforts have paid off, as support for the Beer Tax Reform Act of 2013 is echoing loudly on the Hill. Though we have come so far in such a short amount of time, these next two weeks are going to be even more crucial for our cause.

We urge you to take two minutes today or tomorrow to personally make a phone call to your lawmakers to express your support and encourage them to do the same. You can find the correct contact information by following this link and entering your zip code.

The conversation, or message you leave, is as easy as this:

  • I am calling *LEGISLATOR NAME* to share my support for the Beer Tax Reform Act of 2013 (House Bill 999/ Senate Bill 422)
  • Passing this act would encourage economic opportunity, including employment growth, and benefit consumers with affordable pricing and more product choice
  • It’s time for a common-sense update to 1950s-era tax policy.
  • We appreciate your consideration and your service to this state.

Again, thank you for the tremendous support…now let’s FIX THE BEER TAX!


Linus Hall, President, Craft Brewers Guild

Rich Foge, President, Malt Beverage Association