Welcome Nashville’s newest brewery, Czann’s Brewing!

czannsRecently a friend tweeted that The Filling Station in 12 South had Czann’s Pale Ale on tap. What a pleasant surprise! We knew that Czann’s Brewing was in the works, but had no idea they were so far along in the process to brew and distribute their beer. Last October at the Nashville Beer Fest at Public Square we met founder and brewmaster Ken Rebman and sampled his beers that he brewed on his pilot system.


Ken has perfected his recipes with more than a decade of home brewing and now he’s brewing his Blonde and Pale ales for thirsty Nashvillians. Both are approachable beers that are designed to win over the fizzy yellow beer crowd. The Blonde ale is a perfect lawnmower beer, and perfect for converting the masses. It’s light, crisp and goes down easy. The Pale ale is a classic pale ale, it’s balanced but you pick up the hop aroma and bitterness. But not too bitter! Don’t ask me to pick my favorite. It will depend on what I’m doing and eating at the time. Both are solid, clean beers that are true to style.


MashIt’s amazing to see how much Ken’s accomplished on his own. Czann’s Brewing is a one-man operation during the start up phase. He’s the investor, founder, brew master, salesman and keg-washer. He does it all! He told me he handles the business side of things during the week, then brews new batches on the weekends. I’m not sure when he rests, but he’s on a mission to convert more Tennesseans to the cause of good beer.


stainlessI stopped by on a brew day recently and got to talk to Ken as he was mashing. I walked in the door expecting to find a small brewhouse…. there was a rumor around town that Czann’s was a nano-brewery with a 1 bbl (barrel) brew system, which is about 31 gallons. Not true! Czann’s setup is impressive for a self-funded brewery. Luckily for him, and us too, he was able to get started with a used 8 bbl system from a Rock Bottom Brewery that was going out of business. His fermenting tanks hold 16 bbl, so he’s got the capacity to brew a double batch and ferment the beer in one tank. The brewery is on Lea Avenue, close to the new convention center. However, please don’t drop by as there is no tap room yet. Ken’s hoping to install a tap room sometime in late 2013.


KenThere are several new Nashville breweries in the works for 2013 (more about those some other time) but Ken was first out of the gate for the Class of 2013. You can find his beers at Burger Up, Sportsman’s Grille, The Filling Station and many other fine establishments around town. Be sure to ask for a Czann’s when you’re in the mood for a “masterfully designed” beer. I think you’ll enjoy it. By they way, if you’re wondering how to pronounce it, just drop the “C” and pronounce it “zons.”


5 thoughts on “Welcome Nashville’s newest brewery, Czann’s Brewing!

  1. I have had Czann’s on several occasions. It is definitely my favorite beer in Nashville. I just wish he distributed to Chattanooga. It’s a great mix of flavor with drinkability. Some pale ales taste great but are too bitter to have more than two. I could drink these all day!

  2. Awesome post! Can’t wait to try his stuff!

    Also looking forward to a little Yazoo > Jackalope > TN Brew Works > Czann’s brewery crawl!

  3. Hi had my first Czanns at the 12 St South pub… thought it tasted really good with a nice malt mouth fell after you drank it. Not unlike some of the the other Breweries that have a great taste then disapears…all the best to the Brewmaster Ken.

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