I’ve been distracted lately

We haven’t been too active with the blog the last few months. We’ve tried to keep you aware of the big local Nashville events, but not much else. Sorry, I’ve been a bit distracted. This morning I took the Certified Cicerone test after several months and many hours of study.┬áThe Certified Cicerone test is the second level of the Cicerone program and evaluates knowledge in five areas:

  1. Keeping and serving beer
  2. Beer styles (about 70 of them!)
  3. Beer flavor and evaluation
  4. Beer ingredients and the brewing process
  5. Pairing beer with food

The test consist of a rigorous written portion, and yes, there are several essays. My masters comprehensives were easier! There is also a tasting test where you have to identify off-flavors, know your styles and evaluate if beer is fit to serve.

June and I are both first level Cicerone Program Certified Beer Servers, but I wanted to go further. Beer’s my passion, and when it comes down to it, I love being tested. I won’t know if I passed for about six weeks, but I’ll let you know when I get my scores. Fingers crossed. So I’m going to take a break from studying about beer and just get back to drinking beer for fun.