Four new breweries distributing in TN. Welcome!

NHB-color-logoToday, New Holland announced the worst kept secret in the Nashville beer community. New Holland is coming to town! Kendall grew up in a little village in West Michigan so he’s been waiting anxiously for New Holland, Bells and Founders to come to TN. We regularly drive to KY so he can get his New Holland The Poet, Bells Two Hearted IPA & Founders Breakfast Stout fix. Those beers quickly became my favorites too!

Breakfast-Stout-Shield-253x300It’s cool the small guy is the first to come to town. Bells (Kalamazoo/Comstock, MI) and Founders (Grand Rapids, MI) get a lot of love and press, while New Holland (Holland, MI) flies under the radar. Looks like they got the jump on the big guys by planting their flag in the TN market.

Rumor has it that Founders is close to coming to TN too. If that happens, you can bet Bells won’t be far behind. And where Bells and Founders go, Great Lakes (Cleveland, OH) can be found too. Edmund Fitzgerald Porter, anyone? Let’s pray the Beer Gods bring all these delicious Midwestern beers to Tennessee!

logotopUntil the MI & OH beers arrive, we can enjoy new Southern beers. Nashville has recently welcomed several new breweries from NC, KY and GA. The growth of Southern brewing continues and that’s good for Tennessee beer drinkers. In the last few weeks we’ve seen Red Hare of Marietta, GA, Lone Rider from Raleigh, NC and Country Boy Brewing of Lexington, KY. All three breweries have been on tap recently at our favorite beer establishment, Craft Brewed on 8th Ave South.

I love Country Boy’s Shotgun Wedding Vanilla Brown. Oh, by the way, guess where Kendall took me for Valentine’s Day this year? The Country Boy Brewing Taproom.