Your Fortune Awaits

Miller is staking its claim in the premium beer market with Fortune, a beer to compete with AB’s Bud Light Platinum. From the first time you see the black bottle you know this is not your father’s Miller Lite, or your grandfather’s High Life. Miller describes it as a “spirited golden lager.” Spirited indeed, it’s like a party in your mouth.

The beer pours into your glass to reveal a rich golden color, not the pale yellow of most Miller beers. Proper glassware always enhances beer enjoyment, so a Spiegelau Lager glass would be appropriate here. But it’s essentially a malt liquor, so chugging it from the bottle in a brown paper bag works too.

I could not find specs on the carbonation level, but it’s best described as “fizzy.” It tastes like there are some hops in Fortune, although I’m not sure it’s triple hopped like Miller Lite. As a premium beer, I hope it’s at least quadruple hopped. One Rate Beer reviewer describes it as “vaguely hoppy.” Well, at least vague is better than nothing.

Not much flavor here, but do you really care about that? Fortune will do the job if you’re just trying to get a buzz on quickly. The best thing about Miller Fortune is its 6.9% ABV rating. It’s kind of like High Life, with a shot of pure grain alcohol for kicks. So, if you’ve been looking for something that kind of taste like beer and gets you drunk faster than Miller Lite, your Fortune awaits.

Happy April, everyone. Cheers.