Bosco’s, We’ll Miss You

imagesNashville beer lovers received sad news Monday. Bosco’s, an 18-year Nashville institution, has closed its doors. There was no indication it was coming, Sunday was a normal day. The close was a surprise to all. We didn’t even get a chance to have one last going away beer. The craft beer scene in Nashville is booming, but Bosco’s was a pioneer. Bosco’s was the second brewpub in Nashville and laid the groundwork of converting yellow-fizzy beer drinkers to craft beer.

The owner cited changing business conditions. Bosco’s is located in Hillsboro Village, which was the go-to spot to hang out and get good food and drinks. However, in the last five years, East Nashville, the Gulch, 12 South and 8 South have many cool new establishments to drink good beer with friends. Bosco’s beer and food were top-notch, but they weren’t the only option anymore. The rapid change and constant construction in Hillsboro Village, as well as lack of convenient parking, made a visit to the area challenging.

It looks like Nashville’s loss is Memphis’ gain. The owners will continue to operate the Bosco’s in Memphis and Little Rock, while committing more resources to the growth of their other venture, Ghost River Brewing in Memphis. Maybe someday, the spirit of Bosco’s will return to town if Ghost River begins Nashville distribution.

UPDATE: I just heard that Bosco’s told the public before their employees. Some workers found out from friends before they heard it from the company. About 50 people lost their jobs without notice, some who’d worked hard for Bosco’s for years. On second thought, just keep your beer in Memphis. It’s one thing to have business problems, it’s another to treat your employees poorly.