Mill Creek Brewing, Nolensville’s First Brewery

Mill CreekChris Going of Nolensville, TN will be opening the Mill Creek Brewing Company there in the summer of 2015. Chris has been homebrewing for over five years and has a passion for making good beer for family, friends, and now, his town. He’s a BJCP-certified Beer Judge and medal-winning brewer who’s ready to take his skills to the next level. To compliment Chris’ brewing experience, Mill Creek will hire a full-time brewer to manage the large-scale brewing on their 30-barrel brewhouse. Mill Creek will open a taproom at the brewery, a first for Nolensville.

Mill Creek Brewery’s mission is to make beer that appeals to its community, many of whom are not yet craft beer fans. Their initial beers are brewed to be approachable and sessionable with flavors that can convert “light” beer drinkers.

  • Landmark – a light gold classic German Lager. The Landmark is named after the many historical markers that surround Nolensville and the Williamson County area. This 5.0% ABV filtered lager is clean and easy to drink, with subdued hops and a bready malt flavor.
  • Lil’ Darlin’ – a refreshing unfiltered citrusy wheat beer, also at 5.0%. The beer is smooth, and include oats, as well as the barley and wheat in the mash. It’s crisp, with just a hint of lemony tartness.
  • Silo – a farmhouse ale that comes in at 5.0%. It has the complex flavors of a Saison, but will not overpower new craft beer fans. Fans of Belgian beers will appreciate this one.
  • Hopscotch – a session IPA that weighs in at an easy drinking 4.5%. It’s a “playful” IPA that hits the scale at 62 IBUs. While the other beers are designed to convert the uninitiated, this beer is designed for craft beer fans. Its classic West Coast IPA pine and citrus flavors and aromas come from Amarillo, Centennial, Columbus, Galaxy, Magnum and Simcoe hops. The highly-hopped, filtered IPA has a clean bitterness balanced with a strong malt backbone.

Plans are in the works and money is being raised, hopefully you’ll be able to drink Mill Creek beer by next summer. Most of the investment is lined up, but Mill Creek is giving the community an opportunity to pitch in. A Kickstarter campaign is underway to raise $110,000. Those big stainless steel fermenting tanks aren’t cheap, y’all. Click here to support the campaign be a part of the Mill Creek project. Be sure to follow Mill Creek on Facebook too.

Click the video below to hear more about the Mill Creek Story.

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