I Like B Cups and I Cannot Lie

Plastic IPA cups? Blasphemy, you say! I was as skeptical as you when I first heard about B Cups from Fermented Reality.

Highland lost cove_1024It’s a fact — Good beer tastes better in proper glassware. You don’t believe it? Then grab 2 bottles of your favorite dry-hopped IPA and pour one in a traditional Shaker Pint and the other in a Spiegelau IPA glass. Unless you have a sinus infection, you’ll taste, and smell, the difference.

But there’s no way a plastic IPA cup can make beer taste better, right? Wrong. The B Cups really work. Do they work as well as the Spiegelau IPA glasses? No, but they are superior to Shaker Pints.

B Cups make IPA taste better, and I’ve also enjoyed a Wit, Pale Ale, Porter and Saison in them. When I’m enjoying a beer on my deck, I pour it into a B Cup and do not worry about my dogs knocking it over. Here’s the thing, I love my high-end beer glasses, but breaking a Spiegelau glass make me cry. B Cups, from what I can tell, are indestructible

b cups_1024

Taking beer glasses along is a bad idea when you’re going to the pool, out on the boat or camping. Get yourself some B Cups and never worry about broken glass again, plus, it will make your beer taste better too. Get yours today from Fermented Reality or Amazon.

Until next time, drink good beer, and from proper glassware (or plastic cups).


Disclosure: Fermented Reality sent us a free pack of B Cups for our consideration. That didn’t impact the review, they really are a good alternative in many settings where glass is a bad idea.