What happened to the blog?

If you’re a regular follower of our blog, you’ve probably noticed we haven’t published much since late summer. It’s my fault. I’m currently studying for the next Cicerone® level, the Advanced Cicerone® test. I’ll be taking it on Feb. 2 in Chicago. Every bit of free time and mental energy has been dedicated to studying.

Here’s what my dining room table looks like at the moment.

AdvCicerone Studying

Besides the hundreds of note cards I’ve made, you find every book on the Key Resources list for the test. I have used them all. So many good books. The Beer Bible was recently published and should be on every beer lover’s bookshelf, along with Tasting Beer and The Oxford Companion to Beer.

So please bear with us during this time of limited posts, we’ll be back in strong in mid-February. I’ve got enough material in my head to fill a book. Literally. It’s gonna be a blast sharing what I’ve learned with you.

Until then, cheers!