Is Your Beer Digestible?

What are some ways you describe beer?

There are a lot of terms you hear all the time: malty, hoppy, sour, session, dark, heavy, etc. Descriptions help us talk about the beer we’re drinking. But have you ever said your beer was digestible?

Yep, it’s a thing, especially in Belgium. Belgian brewers make use of a lot of malt, adjuncts, even plain table sugar to increase alcohol content. But the beers are well fermented, or highly attenuated, so not a lot of unfermentable sugars remains. This attention to fermentation detail makes Belgian beers easy to drink and not cloyingly sweet, and many finish quite dry. That is digestible beer.

To use an American term, we might say drinkable, especially considering the high ABV of most Belgian beers. Belgian beers are surprisingly drinkable considering their high alcohol levels. So enjoy, but drink responsibly and always have a safe ride arranged.

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