What’s the difference between Abbey & Trappist ales?

If you’re on a journey to learn more about Belgian beer (and if you’re not, you should be), you may have wondered what is the deal with Trappist and Abbey ales? Are they the same? The simple answer is no, but it’s not that simple. There’s enough difference to write a book on the topic. Actually, … Read more

Krewe de Shaffer: King Cake in a Glass

When Rachel Schaffer Lawson wanted to celebrate her law firm’s fifth anniversary, she knew a special release beer was the way to do it. Schaffer Law Firm practices law in a variety of areas, but alcohol law accounts for over one-third of the business and is growing, so beer just makes sense. Rachel got the … Read more

Tasting Beer with your Mouth

Before we (finally) dig into beer and food pairing, here’s another tasting principles post to prepare us for the adventure. We started this series talking about tasting beer by examining its appearance and aromas. Both can give you hints about how a beer will taste. Take a look and see what the color tell you … Read more

Our St Louis Roadtrip, part 2

Last month we told you about our long weekend trip to St. Louis and our first day’s adventures. That Friday was just the warm-up, Saturday was the marathon. After breakfast we headed to the LaSalle Park neighborhood and 4 Hands Brewing Company taproom, hoping to catch the first tour of the day. Opening time was Noon, … Read more

Our St Louis Roadtrip, part 1

A few weeks ago June and I took a long weekend to visit friends in St. Louis. We’ve wanted to get up there since they moved from Nashville and heard it was a great beer town. The rumors are true, the beer scene is thriving! There are several breweries in town and we hit most … Read more