What’s the difference between Abbey & Trappist ales?

If you’re on a journey to learn more about Belgian beer (and if you’re not, you should be), you may have wondered what is the deal with Trappist and Abbey ales? Are they the same? The simple answer is no, but it’s not that simple. There’s enough difference to write a book on the topic. Actually, … Read more

Nuit Belge Tickets with a Cyber Monday Discount!

Friends, we hope you will hope you will join us at one of next year’s Nuit Belge events throughout the Southeast. Nuit Belge, French for Belgian night, is unlike any beer festival you have attended before. The finest chefs from the best restaurants in each city prepare special dishes to pair with the best Belgian … Read more

Kolsch, the perfect summer rasenmäher bier

It’s a common misconception that ales are not brewed in Germany, the lager capital of the world. Not true! Weissbier, Altbier, Gose and Kolsch, fermented with ale yeast, have been brewed in Germany for centuries. Kolsch is the traditional ale from Koln, or Cologne, as English speakers know the city. Kolsch has been brewed in … Read more


I can’t remember the first time I tried a sour beer, but I haven’t been the same since. It opened my eyes to the wide diversity of beer, while shocking my palate with a wonderful surprise. While there are many fantastic sour beers, I’ll argue Gueuze (sometimes Geuze), and the Lambics from which they’re derived, rule … Read more

English India Pale Ale

Last week we explored Double IPAs. While they and “Single” American IPAs rule the marketplace, they owe their success to the originator of the style, the India Pale Ale from England. The English IPA is a storied beer, with centuries of lore, change and influence. You’ve probably heard the history that this style was created … Read more