Yes, I am a Beer Evangelist

I’ve read articles and posts decrying beer geeks using the term “beer evangelist” to describe themselves. You know what? I pretty much agree with them. It’s a strange way for most beer lovers to describe themselves. Even so, I am one. Evangelist is an ancient Greek word which literally means “to bring good news.” And … Read more

What happened to the blog?

If you’re a regular follower of our blog, you’ve probably noticed we haven’t published much since late summer. It’s my fault. I’m currently studying for the next Cicerone® level, the Advanced Cicerone® test. I’ll be taking it on Feb. 2 in Chicago. Every bit of free time and mental energy has been dedicated to studying. Here’s … Read more

TappedIn — Socially Curated Beer Menus

TappedIn is my new favorite beer app. That’s saying a lot because I’ve tried many and found them lacking. Every app is trying to do the same few things: find, choose, rate or log your beers. Most aren’t that useful and quickly get deleted. The big dog, Untappd, has set the bar very high. Although not perfect, … Read more

I Like B Cups and I Cannot Lie

Plastic IPA cups? Blasphemy, you say! I was as skeptical as you when I first heard about B Cups from Fermented Reality. It’s a fact — Good beer tastes better in proper glassware. You don’t believe it? Then grab 2 bottles of your favorite dry-hopped IPA and pour one in a traditional Shaker Pint and … Read more