Our 1st beer review – Yazoo Brewing Company’s Dos Perros

I’m thrilled that we decided that our first review should be a local brew because I love Nashville! I’m actually a native, born and raised in the Nashville area, which you don’t find very often anymore. I think that’s why I like Yazoo Brewing Company’s beer. It’s a Nashville institution, founded in 2003. Check out … Read more

Beer reviews coming soon

A big goal for our new blog is doing a weekly beer review. We want to expose you to the wonderful world of beer. Recently, June had several friends tell her they don’t like beer. As she’s explored that, it usually means macro-brews, but others said things like beer is too bitter. Oh, there’s so … Read more

Another beer blog?

We know what you’re probably thinking – “Does the world really need another beer blog?” Our hopeful answer is “Yes!”. This blog is different because we will be talking about our experiences as a couple and although we both have the same goal for this blog, our viewpoints are very different. Kendall not only loves … Read more

From Lite to Double Stout

Hi. We’re June & Kendall from Nashville, TN. We’re starting a new blog to promote craft beer, especially among women. We’ll be doing this from a couple’s perspective. We’ve been married almost 17 years and have a great friendship and many common interests. Beer is one of our favorites. We’ll blog about beer events, beer … Read more