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Great Beer Guide by the man, the myth and the legend. MJ is the prototypical beer writer. The greatest person named Micael Jackson this world ever knew.

This is our favorite book about all the flavors and aromas in your beer. After reading Tasting Beer, you’ll understand why your beer has its particular flavor, aroma, color and more. Every beer lover should own this book. Randy Mosher is not only a beer expert, he’s passionate about it and he’s a really nice guy.

Garrett Oliver is the man. The dude knows beer, food and everything delicious. He combines all that knowledge in The Oxford Companion to Beer. If you ever get a chance to hear him speak, do it.

Here’s another great book from Garrett Oliver. The Brewmaster’s Table is one of the best beer and food books you’ll ever read. Makes a fabulous textbook for the Cicerone® exam!

Beerology is an informative book by Master Cicerone® Mirella Amato. Educational and a fun read at the same time. Great tips on beer and food pairing and cool beer cocktail recipes.

If you’re studying for the Certified Cicerone® exam, you need The Beer Bible. Encyclopedic content and fun to read. Jeff Alworth did a fantastic job with his latest book. It was published August 2015, so it is current.

The Craft Beer Revolution is an entertaining and insightful craft beer history lesson from Steve Hindy, one of the Brooklyn Brewery founders. It’s a fascinating look at the journey of our favorite drink.

The World Atlas of Beer is a recent book with a look at 500 great beers from around the world. It’s hard to beat Michael Jackson’s great beer books, but things have changed since he wrote them. This is a modern work that takes inspiration from Jackson’s work.

Nashville Beer is from Nashville’s local food and beer writer, Chris Chamberlain. A fascinating read from Nashville’s pre-prohibition beer history of the William Gerst Brewery to its most recent chapter, the opening of all lager brewery, Little Harpeth Brewing.

Asheville is one of our favorite beer cities and this fun and Asheville Beer is an informative book by Anne-Fitten Glenn (aka @Brewgasm) is a great way to learn it’s whiskey, moonshining and brewing history.

Another one of our favorites to learn about beer styles, brewing and pairing. You’ll enjoy The Complete Beer Course.

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