Is Your Beer Digestible?

What are some ways you describe beer? There are a lot of terms you hear all the time: malty, hoppy, sour, session, dark, heavy, etc. Descriptions help us talk about the beer we’re drinking. But have you ever said your beer was digestible? Yep, it’s a thing, especially in Belgium. Belgian brewers make use of … Read more

I’m Always Happy with Improvement

I took the written and oral components of the Advance Cicerone exam (for the second time) in Dallas in mid-October 2016 (that post is here). In my February 2016 attempt, I got a 78, two points short of passing (read about that here and here). This time I got a 79! Yes, just one point … Read more

Nuit Belge Tickets with a Cyber Monday Discount!

Friends, we hope you will hope you will join us at one of next year’s Nuit Belge events throughout the Southeast. Nuit Belge, French for Belgian night, is unlike any beer festival you have attended before. The finest chefs from the best restaurants in each city prepare special dishes to pair with the best Belgian … Read more

Beer & Food Pairing: Evaluating Beer

In the last post we looked at matching intensity of beer and food to create perfect pairings. The rule-of-thumb is to increase intensity as the meal progresses, from salad to dessert. Matching intensity pairings highlight and amplify flavors in each other, but don’t overpower each other. Whether the flavors complement or contrast each other, they … Read more

Pairing Beer and Food by Intensity

There is one thing to remember when pairing beer and food. Beer is food. If you can put together a nice meal, you can create a great beer pairing. The principles I’ll share in the next few posts are helpful, but not hard and fast rules. Consider them suggestions, and feel free to experiment. Good … Read more