Schlemiel. Schlimazel. Hasenfeffer Incorporated.

We’ve been a little late on getting our Beer Bloggers & Writers Conference updates, we promise Kendall’s interview with Frank Boon will be out soon. But we did get together with Julieanna & Dave from Sips, Suds & Smokes to record our Milwaukee wrap-up. We’ll follow up with later with even more pics! Listen to … Read more

Hope we see you at BBC 16

One of the best things about doing this blog over the past 4 years has been getting to know other beer lovers sharing their own perspective on social media. We enjoy keeping up with you through your blogs, Instagram and Twitter feeds and your podcasts. We love seeing y’all during the year at beer events around … Read more

BB(W)C: Improving Beer Writing Since 2010

About two months ago, an article on the state of beer writing blew up on several Facebook groups I follow. The gist of the article is there are not enough knowledgeable beer writers out there educating the uninitiated. Is that true? Yes and no. Good beer writing is not often seen in traditional media, and … Read more