That time I met Frank Boon at Beer Bloggers & Writers Conference

One of the best parts of the Beer Bloggers & Writers Conference is meeting so many great brewers and industry folks. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting industry bigwigs like Garrett Oliver, Ken & Brian Grossman, Randy Mosher, Mitch Steele and Jim Koch at the conference. But none of those guys got me as excited … Read more


I can’t remember the first time I tried a sour beer, but I haven’t been the same since. It opened my eyes to the wide diversity of beer, while shocking my palate with a wonderful surprise. While there are many fantastic sour beers, I’ll argue Gueuze (sometimes Geuze), and the Lambics from which they’re derived, rule … Read more

Belgian Dubbel

Our last post was about Tripel, one of Belgium’s best known beers. Dubbel is another one.  Like Tripels, Dubbel have their lineage in ancient monastic brewing traditions. Westmalle’s version dates back to the mid-1800s, about five years before the US Civil War, but the inspiration goes back to the Middle Ages. While several Dubbels are … Read more