Independence on Our Mind

With memories of fireworks still on our minds, it’s hard not to pause and think about the independent spirit that gave birth to America. This nation started as a country of free people set on determining their individual way, and it’s pretty much the same today. That spirit is ingrained deep in the soul of … Read more

Nashville Craft Beer Week is here!

Unless you’ve been in Butte, Montana until today, you’ve probably already heard it’s Nashville Craft Beer Week. Great activities are planned all over town for the next seven days. It will be glorious! There’s no way you can do everything, so plan your itinerary carefully. We’re not even gonna try to tell you about them … Read more

Our St Louis Roadtrip, part 3

We can’t believe it’s been four months since our beer excursion to St. Louis. It feels like 2014 is going by so fast, so after much delay, here’s the final installment. We had a busy Friday and Saturday and had enjoyed a lot of good beer and food. By Sunday morning we were tired from running … Read more

American Beer. It’s never been better.

It’s never been a better time to be a beer lover in America. We’re experiencing a beer renaissance across our great land and beer choice and variety has never been better. However, this isn’t the first time there were broad consumer beer choices. The American beer industry flourished until prohibition. Thousands of small local breweries … Read more

Our St Louis Roadtrip, part 2

Last month we told you about our long weekend trip to St. Louis and our first day’s adventures. That Friday was just the warm-up, Saturday was the marathon. After breakfast we headed to the LaSalle Park neighborhood and 4 Hands Brewing Company taproom, hoping to catch the first tour of the day. Opening time was Noon, … Read more