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Craft Brewed Bottle Shop and Tasting Room

Sign food truckOne of the coolest things to hit the Nashville Beer Scene recently is that there are a bunch of new places to fill growlers. We’ve been able to get growler fills at a few local beer stores like Frugal MacDoogal’s, Midtown Beer & Cigar store and the Mt. Julie Beer Company, but the options have increased lately. In the last couple months, we’ve welcomed Kay Bob’s by Vandy, The Filling Station behind Edley’s in 12 South and Craft Brewed on 8th Ave in Berry Hill. Today we want to tell you more about Craft Brewed, and we’ll have more about those other fine establishments later. When you walk into Craft Brewed you be greeted by the friendly faces of Chip, Maggie, Jessica and Sean. They know their beer and can answer any questions you have about their plethora of draft offerings.

taps 1Craft Brewed is unique in Nashville because it will have everything for the beer lover. Currently their low gravity side has 21 taps and you can get a flight of four beers, a pint or a Growler fill to go. They offer both 1 liter and 1/2 Gallon growlers. The 1 liter growlers with a flip top cap are a perfect size if you just want to have a couple pints of a new beer at home. The standard 1/2 Gallon screw-top growlers are perfect for sharing a few pints at home with friend or loved ones. (Or you can finish the whole thing by yourself, we don’t judge.) They also sell packaged beer to go. They’ve got a great selection on the shelves, and most of it is already pre-chilled in their cooler. You can also buy, and consume on site, any of the cold singles.

taps 2 bUnlike the other growler shops and beer stores, Craft Brewed also sells home brew supplies. One cool thing is they’re open when a lot of home brew stores aren’t. So if you’re about to bottle on a Tuesday night at 8:30 and you realize you’re out of caps, they can hook you up. I can’t remember how many times I’ve needed PBW on a Sunday. Luckily, they’re open till 6pm on Sundays and to 10 all other nights. If you need brewing ingredients, they have selection of Rebel Brewer home brew kits, hops, dry & liquid yeast, specialty and base grains. If you need gear, they can hook you up with anything you need, including a all-in-one beginner’s home brew kit in a box.

singlesAnd if that’s not good enough for you, a high gravity side will be opening in a couple months featuring fine whiskeys, wine and of course, high gravity beer. For those of you outside of TN, we have some odd alcohol laws. While not as restrictive as some states, we can’t buy all our beer in the same store. Beer with an ABV (alcohol by volume) over 6.2% can only be purchased in a liquor store. Also, liquor stores can’t sell low gravity beer, cokes or mixers. Merchants get around this by putting two “stores” right next to each other, one for beer, one for liquor. So you can get all your alcohol in one place, just not one store. Odd, right? It’s a hassle, but we’ve learned to deal with it. Unfortunately, Tennessee law does not permit growler fills of high gravity beers.

the crewJune hit it off with Maggie & Jessica, and the ladies of Craft Brewed have been big supporters of the Nashville chapter of Girls’ Pint Out. A few nights ago the ladies held their January get together there for a tasting. Craft Brewed served up a flight a 7 beers for the group’s enjoyment. June’s got some pictures she’ll post in a few days.

If you’re in Nashville and haven’t been to Craft Brewed yet, check them out. There at 2502 Franklin Pike (8th Ave S.) across the street from the Sonic in the old Chesly Cleaners building.

Nashville GPO Black Friday Tasting

Last Friday we had a beer tasting at my house to kick off the holiday season. A lot of regulars were out of town, but 6 of us from the Nashville Girls’ Pint Out got together a raided Kendall’s beer stash. Several girls brought clothes and we had a great time doing a clothing swap. You could tell we’re beer geeks, everyone had their phones out checking in every new bottle into Untappd.

The night was special for me because it was also my birthday. Kendall picked up a yummy chocolate cake, which paired nicely with Clown Shoes Chocolate Sombrero.

Here’s a record of the final tally for the night. Not bad for a bunch of girls!

Ladies, our next get together is Monday, Dec. 10, 6pm at Blackstone on West End.

Yazoo’s Cooking with Beer with Chef Kraig Hansen

We still have a lot to tell you about our brewery visits from vacation and Kendall’s got some posts in the works, but I wanted to tell you about this week’s awesome Cooking with Beer at the Yazoo brewery. This Tuesday evening Kendall and I stopped by Yazoo for a special beer and food event they’re doing every couple months. Neil & Katie from Yazoo were our gracious hosts and helped everyone have a fun, laid-back time. Neil started the night telling us we were there for three reasons: good beer, good food and good conversation with old and new friends. We shared a table with Alex, who I met at the Nashville Girls’ Pint Out kickoff, and her friend Adam.

The food was prepared using local ingredients and Yazoo beer by Chef Kraig Hansen. Kraig has 25 years of experience and honed his craft in Seattle. He focuses on using local ingredients in all his creations. He’s working on a show called Local Produce Live that will focus on local food from Nashville’s farms and the farm-to-table movement. For the night, he whipped up some yummy food for the event with a local beer and food theme. We started the night with a “deconstructed caprese salad.” So delicious! It was a crostini topped with local tomatoes and basil with balsamic and whole milk mozzarella. It was paired with Yazoo’s rich Onward Stout and the rich flavors of the food and beer worked so great together.

We moved on to the entrees that were served with a side of roast veggies. Of course it was all locally grown, good stuff like zucchini, yellow squash, sweet potato, turnip and rutabaga. Kendall’s not a big veggie fan but even he liked it! The first entree was a “Cowboy Chicken Breast” that I paired with Yazoo’s Pale Ale, while Kendall got a Gerst. Both worked well with the smoky chicken. The chicken breast was hickory grilled and prepared with Chef Kraig’s “cowboy-smoke rub” of smoked local spices and coffee. Yum. Even better, the sauce was a cheese blend mixed with Yazoo’s Sue. Yes, Sue. So smokey. So tasty.

Next, the chef brought out a roasted pork tenderloin that was marinated in Yazoo’s hefeweizen, oranges and limes and glazed with orange marmalade and more hefeweizen. There were a couple ways to go with the beer selection. Some people chose a Yazoo’s Pale Ale just so they weren’t overwhelmed by citrus. Chef Kraig said paring it with a hefe would be “a citrus party in your mouth.” Both Kendall and I went rogue got the Rye Saison. Its spicy, fruity complexity worked great with the pork.

The food was delicious but the dessert was the best part! Chef Kraig made an espresso panna cotta made with vanilla bean and espresso infused local cream. The suggested pairing was the Sly Rye Porter and the espresso creaminess with the roasted caramel and chocolate flavors of the porter was a perfect match.

Neil was right, it was a night of good food, beer and people. We had a great evening and can’t wait to do it again. There’s probably going to be another later this fall. Keep an eye on the Yazoo’s Facebook page or Twitter for info. You don’t want to miss it!

GPO, Nashville has liftoff.

June is awesome. A lot of you know that already. I’m lucky to have been married to her for 17 years. She’s freakin’ awesome, actually. Tomorrow she’s running her first 1/2 marathon, not bad for someone who just started running in May. And even cooler than that, Wednesday night she kicked off the Nashville chapter of Girls’ Pint out.


Girls’ Pint Out is a great group of ladies in chapters all across this beautiful country. I got to meet the founder at the Beer Bloggers Conference in Indy and got June connected with her. June was excited to get a GPO chapter started in Nashville. Now it’s official. I counted 26 ladies at the kickoff event, although I stayed way back in the shadows. Ladies, that creepy guy taking picture in the background was just me, so no worries. The event was at Fat Bottom, Nashville’s newest brewery in the hip East side of Nashville. My good friend Ben Bredesen opened the brewery in August after years of planning and hard work. Great beer, good food and the best biergarten in Tennessee.

She prepared a few words before hand, here’s what she had to say…  Hi and welcome to the first gathering of the Nashville chapter of Girls’ Pint Out! My name is June Joseph, I’m a native Nashvillian and I’m married to a homebrewer. I am not a beer expert by any means but within the last few years I’ve been expanding my tastes and have really enjoyed meeting other craft beer lovers. 

I found the Girls’ Pint Out website earlier this year and was intrigued by the concept of a national craft beer organization specifically for women. Then Kendall, my husband, met one of the organization’s founders at the Beer Blogger’s Conference in Indianapolis and since there wasn’t already a Nashville chapter, I volunteered to start one.


You may have already checked out the website, but if you haven’t – Girls’ Pint Out was formed in Indianapolis in 2010 to bring together women who are interested in craft beer and there are now multiple chapters across the country. Women involved with Girls’ Pint Out connect through events like this and online collaboration. 

But the great part is how we want our chapter to operate is up to us. I’m here to facilitate the group but I’d love to hear ideas from you guys as to what you’d like to do. And based on this great turnout, I’ll probably need some help in the near future to keep things organized! Groups usually plan monthly events such as brewery tours, tastings, beer fests, etc. and connect with each other through the Facebook page and Twitter. I’ve got cards with my Girls’ Pint Out email, the link to the FB page, and my Twitter handle so you have plenty of options to keep in touch with what’s going on. Lastly, there are no requirements to be a member of this group besides the desire to meet new friends and drink good beer!

So proud of her. June’s an introvert, so public speaking kinda freaks her out. I’m the extroverted weirdo in the family that oddly enjoys public speaking. June is really excited about where Nashville GPO can go. Several ladies are on board to help with planning and events. I’m excited for them all. I love seeing more women involved in the Nashville craft beer scene. Good beer has mostly been a boy’s club here in middle Tennessee. Change is coming.







Girls’ Pint Out coming to Nashville!

Some people are born leaders. Me? Not even close. As much as it makes my heart beat a little faster just thinking about standing up and talking in front of a group, I’m starting the Nashville chapter of Girls’ Pint Out. I discovered the Girls’ Pint Out website earlier this year and was intrigued by the concept of a national craft beer organization for women. Then Kendall met one of the organization’s founders in July at the Beer Blogger’s Conference in Indianapolis and got me connected with her. Once I got over being freaked out at the prospect of kicking off something like this, I started to get excited about getting together a group of women who love good beer and want to socialize and become more involved in the growing craft beer scene here in Nashville.

Our kickoff event is this Wednesday at 6:30 at Fat Bottom Brews in East Nashville. If you’re in the area I’d love for you to join me! Click here to go to the event page.  This gathering will be a meet and greet for those interested in becoming a part of Girls’ Pint Out. We’re hoping to do monthly events such as brewery tours, tastings, beer fests, etc. as well as connecting online through the Facebook page and through Twitter. There are no requirements for membership besides a desire to meet new friends and drink good beer! Fyi, if you want to know more about Girls’ Pint out, check out their main site.