Independence on Our Mind

With memories of fireworks still on our minds, it’s hard not to pause and think about the independent spirit that gave birth to America. This nation started as a country of free people set on determining their individual way, and it’s pretty much the same today. That spirit is ingrained deep in the soul of … Read more

Session IPA

Hang out with beer geeks talking beer and the subject of session beers is bound to come up. Session means low-alcohol and it harkens back to British Pub days when a pint of Bitter or Mild was about 3-3.5% ABV* and having a few in a session wouldn’t leave you crawling home. While the traditional … Read more

Double India Pale Ale

Double IPA, sometimes called DIPA or Imperial IPA, is a strong ale with IPA characteristics, but with higher alcohol content, more complex flavors, and increased hop bitterness and flavor. It is a modern style, born of the innovation of the American craft beer movement. You know us Americans, we’ve always got to make everything bigger … Read more

Chicago Beer Trip and the Lagunitas Beer Circus

We enjoyed a long weekend in Chicago recently and sampled yummy beer all over town. Our only regret was not having a couple weeks to check out more. Four days goes so fast! Luckily, we happened to be in town the same weekend as the Lagunitas Beer Circus. That was a blast! Thank you, Lagunitas! We … Read more

Beer Bloggers Conference, Thank You!

We think the Craft Beer industry is the best in the world! We know of no other industry with as much collaborative spirit, shared purpose, generosity and an appreciation for its customers and supporters. Kendall & I were thrilled to attend the recent Beer Bloggers Conference in San Diego and discover that the spirit of … Read more